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Tutor Club USA


Tutor Club USA is a solution provider for all the kids who are from Kindergarten to Grade 12, in their any interest area of academic and extra curriculum activities. We have a team of tutors who are familiar with all the activities of learners. Tutor Club USA is a place to resolve all kinds of need of kids from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We provide one to one solutions for all of the kids'academics as well as extra curriculum activities need.

Our primary goal is to improve student's reading and mathematics levels, their study habits and self-esteem through achievement and mastery. We want to help improve the reading epidemic facing our nation by creating a strong reading foundation in students that will lead to lifelong learning and passion for education. In addition to improving success academically, we want to encourage students to become strong, compassionate and confident leaders in life. That's why we are proud to offer highly personalized, in-home tutoring service of the highest quality.

We also have many projects for individual as well as group in different STEM projects. Our STEM projects are designed in such a way that help learners to think as a scientist. We will guide to think creatively and critically to design the project. We guide to troubleshoot unexpected results and draw conclusions for each academic and extra curriculum projects. We understand there's no such thing as a "failed experiment" - only a chance to learn something new, adjust your design and try again!


Our mission is to provide cost effective high academic solutions by providing individual as well as group tutoring from our experienced tutors to solve every day academic challenges of your kids. We provide and leverage our experience in newer techniques, research and development in better technology to undertake your kids every kind of needs to support their academics and extra activities career.


Enhancement and Training to keep the sharp edge information to make their knowledge better. This is what we dream and want to fulfill at all levels. Enhancement of technology, upgradation of existing concepts and heading milestones is day to day work via Tutor Club USA.